Crabapple Surprise!

April 4, 2010

After much research I decided on a Crabapple tree – Malus x SugarTyme for our yard.  On Wednesday evening I took Dan to the nursery where we looked at those in stock.  There were three and we picked the one with the best form.  Since the nursery was closed at 6 pm and it was after that we decided to think about it and probably buy it on Saturday.

Thursday morning Dan said he could get to the nursery right after work and buy it, even though I might be home a little later.  It was a plan.  Dan bought the tree and I met him at the nursery just after the workers had helped him load it into his car.  We got it home, dug the whole and planted it on a lovely evening, finishing after dark.

Easter morning Dan put the receipt on the table and I noticed that the tag said Crab Profusion.  Shock!  Didn’t you get the SugarTyme?

We had been enjoying the tree for three days and had noticed the pretty red leaves and the cardinal that had come for fruit.  It does not have as good recommendations for disease resistance as SugarTyme and the leaves might be purple or bronze.  Nevertheless we have decided that this is a mistake we are going to enjoy.  Here are the first pictures and I will take more when it blooms.

The picture below is from the upstairs window so it is a little blurry.

Other activity in the garden includes the white daffodils I moved from the easement last year.

The yellow daffodils I planted by the back fence ended up being quite small.The Columbine is a nice green mound of leaves.The Charles Joly lilac and purple flower buds.


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