Spring Snow

March 21, 2010

The weather was up in the 60s last week, but we had snow covering the ground on Saturday.  There was just a little snow left by the time I took these pictures.

The grass got greener this week.  The common lilac in the background has small green leaves and is always ahead of the Josee lilac in the foreground.  I have five grasses in the yard that need to be cut back or divided.  Hopefully I can get to that next week.

In the bottom left corner the daisies and goldenrod are coming back strong.  In the top left the little Blue Muffin Viburnum I planted last fall looks small, but hopefully will stretch up this year.

I planted several kinds of Sedum for the first time last year.   The one with snow on it is Stonecrop – Golden Carpet. I bought a 4″ pot of it last year at Sid’s.

The sedum on the right – Hylotelephium – I got at a garage sale.  It will get to be about 18″ tall.  The color is a bit rusty and it did not seem to look like it was in the right place, so I will move it.

Melissa’s mother gave me several bunches of the sedum, on the bottom of the picture still covered with winter debris.  All these sedum enjoy the sunny spot at the bottom of the laundry pole.


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