Drought Garden Arrives in Mail

March 14, 2010

Thursday evening I went out to a work dinner with co-workers from out-of-town.  I did not get home until almost 9:00 pm and just went to bed.  As we were turning out the light Dan mentioned that the plants I had ordered online had come and it said open immediately.  I was too tired to look at them, but in the night, suffering from indigestion from the big meal, I went to the laundry room to have a look.  Work was extremely busy so I knew I could not take time to care for my plants until the weekend.  Here is the picture I took Saturday morning.

After I potted up most of the plants I put them outside to start to harden them up, but I think I should bring them in tonight as it will be 36 degrees.

The ground is soft since the snow melted and it has been raining the past few days.  I decided it was OK to take the grass off the area where I will plant my drought garden and I took it over to the compost pile in the back of the yard.  Actually Dan dug the grass up and helped me turn the compost pile and mix in the sod.  When the ground dries out a little I will turn over the new bed and mix in some good material to provide better drainage for the soil.

Last week I bought this birdbath on sale at Sid’s and Thursday morning at 6:40 am Dan nailed up the birdhouse, before we raced off to work.  We don’t want to miss the birds if they are looking for homes now in mid-March.  It is a bluebird house, and I am really skeptical that bluebirds will take up residence here, since they would rather be near a field, but maybe another bird will give it a try.


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