Bulbs from Rick’s Garden

February 28, 2010

A week ago I was in Portland for the memorial service for my brother Rick.  When we were cleaning up around Rick’s house a neighbor asked if she could take a few Iris bulbs that Rick had promised her.  She suggested I take some bulbs for my garden, too.  The weather was close to 60 degrees in Portland and back in Chicago it was closer to 30 degrees.

The ground has been mostly snow covered since New Year’s Day, when I started this blog.  This picture was taken on 2/27 and I think the daffodil will bloom soon.  The other plant in the white pot in the middle might be Virginia Bluebells.  I don’t know and will have to wait to see what blooms.

I put 6 Iris bulbs in a big pot outside on the patio to slow them down.  If it gets really cold again I will put them in the garage.

I am not sure what colors they will be.  I heard one was dark and almost black and the others were more peach colored.

No sign of any kinds of leaves or flowers on the trees or shrubs yet, but I did see some daffodil shoots poking up on the north side of the house, where the snow has melted, along with a few crocus shoots.  I also saw a big bunny sitting right near them.  I don’t think they will nibble on the daffodil, but I wonder about the crocuses.


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