Sunday Winter Walk

January 31, 2010

This morning Dan and I took a walk near Lake Katherine and down the path through the forest by the canal.  This is not really about my garden, but here are a few pictures.

Ducks and geese gather at Lake Katherine along with a local eskimo.

We walked east on the broad path along the canal and came back west on the narrow path on top of the ridge.  We saw what we thought was a coyote on the path far ahead of us, but did not get a picture.

As we get back toward Lake Katherine we looked out over the canal toward the Worth water reclamation waterfall, frozen for the winter.  It was about 16 degrees Fahrenheit this morning, but my jacket and boots kept me warm and we loved the sun…


One Response to “Sunday Winter Walk”

  1. Joy Walbert said

    What lovely pictures of your nature walk. I heard that coyotes were spotted in northern Minnesota. I guess they are looking for food and shelter, too. Always happy to read your posts. i will have to start thinking of what to do with my south-facing balcony this year.

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