Sargent Crabapple or Tree Lilac?

January 24, 2010

I have been looking for just the right shrub or small flowering tree to put by the patio, behind my pre-planned garden I am buying from Spring Hill Nursery.  See the design in my previous blog.  I came up with two ideas: a Sargent Crabapple or a Korean Dwarf Tree Lilac.  I have stayed away from flowering fruit trees because of potential disease problems, but it might be the right thing.  I am looking for a plant that is 7-10 feet tall at maturity.  I haven’t really made up my mind yet, but here are the pictures.

The flowers of the Sargent Crabapple start pink and turn white and the branching is more horizontal as it matures.  The bright red fruit persists into winter and is enjoyed by birds.

We already have two lilacs, but this one would be smaller.  This has one main season of interest, spring, as opposed to the crabapple, which is interesting in spring with flowers and in fall and winter with fruit.

Then there is the issue of cost.  The local garden center said they sell a crabapple with a 2 inch trunk that is about 6 feet high that costs over $300!  The tree lilac may be closer to $125 – $150.  I don’t want to pay over a hundred and something quite a bit less would make me happier.  I am willing to wait a bit and watch a small tree grow.


5 Responses to “Sargent Crabapple or Tree Lilac?”

  1. Joy Walbert said

    My parents had a crab apple tree in the backyard of their house in White Bear Lake, MN. Taking care of the droppings from the fruit may have negated whatever aesthetic qualities it brought. But if it feeds the birds perhaps it is worth it. Love to read your blog especially now in frozen winter. Makes me really anticipate spring 2010.

  2. My thought is to have some ground cover under this tree, rather than grass. Then I would not have to pick up the dropped fruit in order to mow.

  3. I seem to have a lot of visitors to this post, but I have to mention that I never bought either of these trees… I bought a regular crabapple – Malus Profusion – instead.

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