Winter Planning

January 3, 2010

I like to check out garden books from the library in the winter.  When it is too cold to take walks at lunch, I stay in and gather garden ideas.

I have been tying to solve a privacy problem for a while.  Since the two shade trees were cut down we look directly at our neighbor to the north, whose second floor deck faces our yard.  I tried to plant some shrubs that would grow tall in the back of the yard, but now I am thinking of planting shrubs, small trees or one tree just north of our concrete patio.  The question I have is how high should these trees and shrubs ultimately grow to be?  If they were high enough they would block the view from our kitchen window to our neighbor, but that might be too high, as they would start to give shade to our clothes line.  I also don’t want them to shade the vegetable garden.

Below I have posted a picture I saw in a garden design book.  Unfortunately, the authors did not tell us what plants were in the picture.  The reader was supposed to write to the authors and purchase the detailed plans.

I think the concept of this picture is to have a place near the home that is attractive to birds, with small trees or shrubs and a bird feeder.  I like this idea, but have to figure our what plants would work in this setting.  Hopefully, I will have this figured out by April, and you should see a picture of something like this in my garden, though it will take quite a few years to look this natural.  I might just choose one small tree and some smaller plants, instead of the three trees, unless I can find three suitable shrubs.


2 Responses to “Winter Planning”

  1. JD said

    It looks as if it might depict three clump-birch (pref, borer resistant), 3-5 Panicum virgatum purple grasses at the center, 3-5 medium creeping junipers beneath the bird feeder to deter squirrels (roses also work), 3-5 shorter shrubs fronting the grasses such as viburnum, and underplanting hte right side birch with hemerocallis/daylilies. I assume form the looks that the others are underplanted with vinca minor, which is both sun and shade tolerant or a similar groundcover (nice cover also for daffs, tulips and other spring bulbs). Tall viburnums or Elderberries (sambucus) would attract birds if you would prefer shrubs to trees.

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